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Keeping accurate and timely financials is crucial to the success of every business, no matter business is small, medium or large. As your organization grows and evolves, your business taxation and accounting needs change too. Why not outsource this to an experienced team of accountants committed to your long-term success and help save your costs by around 50%. FinTax Experts India boasts on the in-depth knowledge necessary to successfully execute financial services as per your business needs.

As a leader in the accounting outsourcing industry, we design our Accounting Outsourcing Services in a way that they are perfect match for businesses of all sizes, ranging from small to medium and large. Read below to understand how we’re different than other outsourcing services providers.

Our Finance And Accounting Services?

Bookkeeping Services

Our bookkeeping outsourcing service involves preparing and maintaining day-to-day, monthly or quarterly bookkeeping as per International Financial Reporting Standards.

Accounts Receivable Services

Professional support for all account receivable needs ranging from order management, customer billing, customer ageing, collections management, and more.

Payroll Processing

We can handle everything related to Payroll processing ranging from payroll setup, payday calculation, taxes calculation, 941, 1099, 940 and quarterly tax returns.

Accounts Payable Services

Assure accounting integrity by making correct payments to vendors with the help of expert accountants; to provide control over debit balances.

Financial Analysis Services

Our experts prepare periodic financial statements and supporting details as per your business and the International Financial Reporting Standards.

Tax Preparation Services

FinTax Experts India can handle Tax Preparation for individuals, partnerships, and corporations by the well-trained and qualified Chartered Accountants.

Accounting Software We Normally Use

Industry-Specific Accounting Services!

Auditing and accounting is the mainstay of our business. FinTax Experts India offers a range of Outsourced Accounting Services that are customized in a way that they meet the diverse needs of various types of business. No matter what combination of accounting and bookkeeping services businesses and CA/CPA firm require, we’re always ready with a comprehensive service solution that is perfect fit for all of below.



Start-up or early stage business organizations have unique needs for accounting and finance support. One mistake in financial services may result in great damage. We understand this and hence ensure offering the most-suitable services so you enjoy focusing on developing your business and bringing your product to market.



Our restaurant-specific accounting outsourcing services are aimed to support the growing businesses to help manage their finances, so they can spend more time on managing customers and acquiring new ones. We ensure their bills are paid on time; we ensure timely accuracy of information to pay taxes and we help keep track of all important aspects of their business.


Accounting Firms

CA/CPA firms have to handle a lot, for which they must serve three masters: marketing, management and compliance. By offloading accounting needs with an outsourced specialist like FinTax Experts India, financial and accounting firms have the bandwidth to increase their assets under management, while lowering their levels of stress.



Let us handle the accounting and financial services for your Non-Profit organization. As an expert, we’ll ensure that the books are clean and audit-ready on the go. Non-profit accounting services are a smart solution for managing the fiscal responsibilities of charities, schools, membership organizations, etc.


Manufacturing & Distribution

With so many moving parts, you hardly have any time to waste in the competitive and diverse industry. We have specialized manufacturing accounting services that positively impact our clients’ profitability and revenue capacity. Beyond everything, we understand the specific needs of the industry, such as direct & indirect cost, managing cash flow, inventory management etc



We extend full-service healthcare accounting services to professional physicians, chiropractors, dentists, veterinarians, and other types of medical practices. Designed to save your time, our simplified healthcare accounting solutions streamline the back-office process for you.

Why Businesses Choose US for Accounting Services?

FinTax Experts India has a team of Accounting Experts with experience of working over One Million Hours of accounting tasks, focused on exceptional client service and quality. We collaborate with you to create and execute short- and long-term accounting strategies to manage your accounting needs for today while envisioning and achieving tomorrow’s goals.

Regulated and Insured

Important factor not to be ignored while looking for outsourcing accounting companies is ensuring there are processes, safety and security is in place. FinTax Experts India is an ISO 9001:2015 certified and ISO 27001:2013 Accredited company that ensures services are as per ISO standards.

No Outsourcing

Many finance outsourcing companies outsource the work of their clients to other smaller and unlicensed accountants. At times, the client doesn’t even realize this. FinTax Experts India follows a strict policy of no outsourcing so you know that your work is handled only by trained in-house professionals.

Broad Experience

Choosing FinTax Experts India provides its clients with the benefit of its broad range of experience in outsourcing accounting services. You can rest assured that we put our 12+ years of experience and working of over A Million Hours in managing every kind of situations your business may find itself in.

Personalized Service

Every business is unique and there is no such thing as a ‘one size fits all’ answer, especially when it comes to financial services. Our team will invest time to understand & analyse complete picture of your business to ensure delivering that fits best to your financial needs and your planned budget.

Our Experience, Skills & Expertise

Clients Served


Countries Served

Team Members

Million Hours worked


At FinTax Experts India, we uphold our mission by working hard every day with an aim to bring value to our clients; which surely have been adequately recognized by way of honors and gratifications we have received from global publications. Few of recognitions reflect our excellence and commitment to client satisfaction & quality.

Dun & Bradstreet

Adreno Technologies India Private Limited is rated as one of “India’s Top 100 ITeS Emerging Companies by Dun & Bradstreet (NYSE:DNB), a FORTUNE Magazine’s Most Admired Companies Industry List Company.

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Spiegel Online

“SPIEGEL ONLINE” a leading online newspaper of Europe in its story “Butlers, designers and teachers talk about their work” published on August 5, 2012 included FinTax Experts among other companies.

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CIO Review Magazine

FinTax gets rated as one of the “20 most promising Finance Technology Solution Providers 2016” by CIO Review in their magazine edition of May 2016…the list of 20 includes many blue chip companies of India.

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Wall Street Journal

The “Wall Street Journal” in its story on "Outsourcing Your Life" in its June 2, 2007 edition covered two Indian companies. FinTax Experts feels pride in being one of the two such Indian companies.

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As India’s one of the most experienced and trusted outsourced accounting providers, we have prepared a custom workflow process that’s easy and effective. From initial requirement analysis to maintaining absolute security for financial details, we have everything to keep your finances in order while reducing error.

Requirement Gathering

We connect with you to understand your business to get a detailed understanding about your requirements for preparing a comprehensive accounting proposal. We aim to ensure delivering custom accounting and bookkeeping solutions within your estimated costs.

Contracting & SLA sign

We discuss with you all aspects of pricing to avoid any problems or confusion along the way. Once everything is settled, we initiate Contracting & sign-off of Service Level Agreements to see that transparent contracts are developed with mutual understanding for a trustworthy relationship.

Resource deployment & training

Once the contract signing is complete, a suitable resource or a team is identified to match your business accounting needs. A project-kick-off meeting is also organized to discuss objectives, terms of engagement and other related processes to kick start working on actual tasks.

On the Go

This is the stage where we start working on project with a goal to achieve the objectives set by the team. As we work on your accounting and bookkeeping tasks, we use real-time reporting and feedback tools so you know everything about your tasks while ensuring quality of delivery.

Outsourcing Accounting Services - Working Models

Established in 2007 with an aim to deliver the finest accounting outsourcing solutions to global clients, FinTax Experts India ensures that we work in accordance to the defined ISO & IFRC standards to meet the expectations of our clients consistently. Here is the detailed overview of the process that we follow at FinTax in carrying out accounting and bookkeeping services.


Model-1- Offline

You scan the source documents like invoices, bank statements, expenses, and other related documents & upload your books to the secured third-party server. Once this is done, our bookkeepers access/download these, review, and update your books using the software of your choice. Updated accounting file is transferred on to the secure server/updated in your computer from where you can open file/download on to your system.


Model -02- Remote Desktop Based

You or your staff scan the source documents, place in one of the folders at your system and transfers the documents from one folder/drive to other folder/drive of the same computer. Our Bookkeeper connects to your computer using a remote desktop access service like GotoMypc.Com, Team Viewer, LogMeIn, Netlink Solutions or Secure VPN and completes the allocated task. Surprisingly, next morning of yours, you find the books updated on your system.


Model -03 - Online

As in above two cases, you or your staff scan the source documents & upload to the secure server. Our Bookkeeper logs on to Online Accounting Software (e.g. and updates the books. You access your online accounting system, 24x7 to review the updated books. This system works well for clients whose need is to have the accounting tasks done on regular basis and they need to see and review the completed tasks on an ongoing basis.


We’ve been working on improving client satisfaction as well as keeping things in the budget while ensuring to reduce human errors. For this, we have customized proven methods of carrying out outsourced accounting services to global clients. We have different types of working models, which suit individual client's convenience.

1 Full-Charge Accountant

This hiring model is best-suitable for businesses with complex bookkeeping and accounting needs. This service is designed to handle all your daily bookkeeping and financial record-keeping, as well as your month-end accounting needs, plus the preparation of your periodical financial statements.

2 Fixed Package Cost

It works more like Pay-as-you-Like model with a difference that it enables you to purchase pre-paid blocks-of-hours with a reasonable volume-based discount linked to your project needs. The hours purchased are linked to estimated work likely to be completed each month/Quarter/year.

3 Pay-As-You-Go

Under this model, precise utilization is metered and you invest money for just the capacity you make use of. We bill you by the end of the month and simply charge a fee for the hours you’ve put into use. This model has associated condition of utilizing minimum committed hours each month/quarter.

Dedicated resource (FTE)

We assign skilled resources plus a Client Manager who would be able to deliver your tasks as per your needs. You allocate the work while we track and report the status of each outsourced job. Fixed fees are agreed in advance, allowing you to manage your budget without the fear of any cost escalations.

Clients Speak!

FinTax Experts India boasts on the words of mouth by happy clients

Stephen Gibbs, Gibbs Company, LLC

As for the services they have provided including bookkeeping, general accounting, corporate accounting and organization items pertaining to year end returns, Fin Tax Experts, Raman and Vijay receive high marks! I am very happy with all they have done for me and my companies. Further, I have found their communications timely, common sense lucid, and their attention to detail excellent

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