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Ask yourself whether your business cash flow situation is under control, do you know what is your cash balance right now and what do you feel would be your cash position six months from now?

If you have no satisfactory answer to these questions, your cash flow may not be under control. This ineffective financial management or cash flow crisis can be financially and emotionally devastating, can make or break revenue bottom lines and can severely dent growth prospects. In order to avoid any kind of cash flow problem, outsourcing cash management to a professional service provider is a viable proposition.

FinTax Experts India, with vast industry expertise, has worked for companies of all sizes to help them improve their cash flow and revenue. Our personalized cash flow and money management portfolios are uniquely designed to the individual needs, income levels and long-term goals of each business, to help achieve their particular financial objectives.


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Exclusive Cash Flow Services FinTax Experts Offers

Arm Yourself with to Fit Your Business Needs of Today and Tomorrow.

As a business owner, you would understand the importance of effective cash flow management. It requires extensive experience and expertise to manage cash flow. Outsourcing your cash flow and money management needs to FinTax Experts India comes with an assurance that only trained professionals handle the job for you.

Whether it is managing daily cash flow activities or working on the long-term cash flow planning, we can handle cash flow management projects of varying complexities.

Our Cash Flow Services?

Daily Cash Flow Report Maintenance

Track your daily cash flow with 0% error guaranteed by experts who perform comprehensive data compiling to produce custom reports for sales, expenditure, and other transactions.

Credit Card Report Reconciliation

We match every transaction within a financial term. In case of a mismatch, needed action is taken followed by comprehensive reports to ensure proper credit management.

Bank Statements Reconciliation

Accuracy in company’s cash flow plays a crucial role so we carry out the process of comparing and matching the account balance to help you plan and implement financial models.

Accounts Payables and Receivables

We keep eye on your business transactions to ensure tracking funds movement. This helps you track discrepancies and in case of any dues that are causing bottleneck in your revenue streams, appropriate action is possible.

Financial Risk Management

We are experts at analysing business financial processes to assess vulnerabilities that may result in the financial risks. This helps us make accurate assessments to manage your finances safely.

Cash Flow Budgeting

Our experts will verify cash receipts and expenses during particular time periods to apply the approximation method. It’s helpful for businesses to estimate the budget needed for the following term.

Cash Flow Forecasting And Planning

Cash flow forecasting answers all your queries related to financial prospects of your business. Financial inflow and outflow is analysed by experts to provide an estimation of your business's financial position in a specific timeframe.

Fraud Management

We’re experts at ensuring complete safety of your financial management. We thoroughly monitor transactions taking place within your business and capture the data by combined efforts of AI-based fraud management systems

Managing Electronic Payments

Managing and reviewing payments by traditional methods can be cumbersome. So, by using advanced systems, we review payments to streamline functioning for financial records.

Advantages of having a Cash Flow Management

We offer pain-free Cash Flow Management services for all your business requirements

At FinTax Experts India, we can handle your cash flow and money management needs. By outsourcing with us, you can leverage our extensive experience. Our extensive experience in diverse range of industries helps us design solutions that fit your exact needs. Our Cash Flow Management services bring endless benefits for you:

You Won’t Run Out Of Cash

By managing cash flow well with custom strategies, we help clients predict money they will need while ensuring that it's always more than you'll need to spend.

Staff Gets Paid on Time

Paying your staff is essential, and it also makes good business sense. When FinTax Experts, manages your cash, it helps you manage cash so you can pay your staff on time.

Avoid Overspending

You gain more control over cash & expenses. We ensure that you have enough indicators to control your spending & you have enough cash in reserve to use in case emergencies.

Have Peace Of Mind

With our experts handling your cash flow, you can be rest assured of making your ends meet & having enough money in the bank to meet all your obligations.

Who We Serve?

Every business is different, so are their cash flow management needs. We understand this very well, which is why we have customized our cash flow management services in a way that they match with your unique business needs. Whether a small business, a large organization or a CA/CPA firm, our finance and cash flow management are perfect fit for all of below.


All Business Types :-

All business types, start-ups to big enterprises, FinTax Experts India is a leader in outsourcing cash flow management solutions to match your specific needs. Our staff of registered accountants and Chartered Accountants offers personalized and technical expertise to all of our clients. With us, you receive customized cash flow management services to meet your specific needs.

Cash Flow Management Process We Follow

Managing cash flow without creating a process as to how would this be managed is something like start swimming without knowing how to swim. So, we follow a structured process for cash flow management.

01 Understanding Requirement:

We understand your current/future Cash Flow needs through payment from current customers, expected sales, terms of payment for suppliers and vendors, upcoming expenses, loan payments etc. to have a comprehensive view of cash inflow/out flow so that future need of cash can be projected.

02 Cash Flow Management Strategy:

After having understood your current finances, we analyze other components such as accounts payables/receivables, cash flow statements etc. Thereafter, a cash flow statement is prepared that gives insights to future requirements and matched inflows.

03 Cash Flow Management Services:

We can help you have both a short-term (weekly, monthly) cash flow projections to manage daily cash, and long-term (half yearly/annual) cash flow projections to help you evolve needed strategy to meet your business long term needs of cash.

04 Cash Flow Plan:

Our team will create a plan and simultaneously generate comprehensive reports for you to understand how the cash flow needs to be managed so that you never run short of cash.


All business, CA/CPAs and accounting firms around the world are using outsourced cash flow management service partners to see that their business turns out as more profitable by cutting manpower costs without any dilution in quality of services. Our secure cash flow management services can ensure all of that for you and you can chose one of the below working models and you will see that while you are sleeping, our expert will ensure working on your business cash flow management

1 Full-Charge Solution

It suits businesses with more complex cash flow and accounting needs. This service is designed to handle all your daily cash flow and record-keeping, as well as your month-end cash needs, plus the preparation of your cash flow statements.

2 Fixed Package Cost

It works more like Pay-as-you-Like model, with the exception that this enables you to purchase pre-paid blocks-of-hours with a reasonable volume-based discount. The hours purchased are linked to estimated work likely to be completed each month/Quarter/year.

3 Pay-As-You-Go

Under this model, precise utilization is metered to help you invest money for the capacity you use. We bill you by the end of the month and simply charge a fee for the hours you’ve put into use. This model has associated condition to avail minimum committed time each month.

4 Dedicated resource (FTE)

Skilled resources to suit your needs is assigned with a Client Manager to help you control the allocated resource. You allocate the work and track the status of each task. Fixed fees are agreed in advance, to help you manage your costs within your budget.

Why Outsource Cash Flow Over In-house Money Management?

FinTax has more than a decade experience of providing cash management outsourcing services to clients in 20+ countries across continents;
Team of 135+ financial consultants/accountants, analysts and project managers having experience of preparing cash management plans, execution strategy, monitoring to help clients have no worries about cash management;

Services from ISO 9001:2015 certified and ISO 27001:2013 accredited company having robust process oriented way of working and ensuring absolute data confidentiality and security;

Competitive and affordable pricing for Cash Flow Management Services where we offer clients to choose a service that suites their needs;

Experience of providing services to clients for over A Million Hours.

Clients Speak!

FinTax Experts India boasts on the words of mouth by happy clients

John Hamlin , Green Benefits

As an entrepreneur starting my own business, FinTax Experts, has allowed me to focus on building and growing my business while leaving the daily accounting tasks to them. Their quick and accurate service allowed me to have a solid accounting foundation for my business in a very short period of time at a very reasonable price. My accountant would have charged at least 5 times as much for the same services. I believe that most businesses can benefit from using off shore accounting, as it is affordable, accurate and secure. FinTax Experts has allowed me, as a small business owner, to focus on making money, not on counting it.

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