Advanced Bookkeeping Solutions

Keeping your books and accounting records up-to-date is a time-intensive and expensive practice that takes most of the time of accounting teams. Have you ever faced a problem in understanding where your money is going or do your accounting team puts a lot of time handling the books? Let FinTax Experts India handle it for you. FinTax Experts India is a specialist outsource bookkeeper specialist, dedicated to saving your time, efforts, and money, while also minimizing your financial pressure.

We, at FinTax Experts India, invest in the latest technology and specialists to provide you seamless outsource booking services through the most skilled bookkeepers. The advantages you get involve lowering administrative expenses, streamlined business process, better growth opportunities, and certainty that your accounting data is going to be up-to-date and correct.

Our Outsourced Bookkeeping Process

At FinTax Experts India, we have developed a custom outsource bookkeeping process, performed by the top bookkeepers. The goal is to make it feasible for businesses to get the best outsourced bookkeeper services that fit their needs best. As a way to help understand how our outsourced bookkeeping services can help manage your financial record, here is a detailed in-depth evaluation of our process.



  • Upload your books on our secure server
  • We analyze and update your books with the latest software.
  • Our bookkeeper transfer books on to the secure server
  • You can download the books on your system

Remote Desktop Based

  • Scan source documents in your File Cabinet or Server
  • We use a remote desktop access service to connect with your computer
  • Our bookkeepers work on updating the books and update on your system
  • You can download the updated books on your system


  • Scan the source documents to upload on the server
  • Upload the documents to our secure server
  • Our Bookkeepers log in to Online Accounting Software to update the books
  • You can review the updated books 24x7

How It Works?

Being a leading outsourced bookkeeper services provider in India, we strongly believe in making things transparent and easy for the clients. For this, we ensure that you know everything about how we work. Out outsource bookkeepers understand the confidentiality of the financial documents, so you can be sure about their safety


Step 1 – Send Us Your Files

It begins by you sending us the needed information and documents for our hands-on professionals to start working. Our specialists will need some previous bookkeeping reports, bills, taxes, receipts, and so much more for accurate bookkeeping services.


Step 2 - Recording and analyzing your information

At this step, we organize the documents you share with us by date. A professional bookkeeper will make sure that there’s nothing missing in the file and calculations are all correct. In case anything is missing in the file, we will connect with you right away.


Step 3 – Submission of Results

When everything is checked we’ve got the go-ahead signal from our bookkeeping experts, we will share all the documents with you, all neat and organized. These files can be easily browsed and you can pull out the data with no problems.

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