How does the data transfer process work?

To be truly effective in the outsourcing finance functions, we have a very user friendly process in place. You can select any of the following options:

Email Based System

This process of outsourcing finance functions involves emailing of the required files to us. These files may include scanned documents, existing files of software like QuickBooks or other accounting software file.

The files are downloaded to our workstation PCs where the professional work on the data to update your books and tax returns.

The updated files are then emailed back to you for approval and thereafter finalized considering the observations.

This process is the easiest of all but works only for clients where file size is not large and the activity is of temporary nature. Also, it lacks on security aspect. If you need more security of your data and our services on permanent basis, you need to use our Secure Server Based Solution.

Secure Server Based Solution

This system is much more secure than normal emailing. Here you upload your files to our 128-bit Server which uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption. You donot need to worry about how the process works as our technical team would assist you in following the process. This encryption layer ensures that all communication over the channel is completely secure and hence your data is protected.

We download the files, read and analyze the data received and complete the bookkeeping, accounting or tax preparation related activities. After this process the updated files are uploaded to the secure server for getting your comments and approval.

For finalization of the activity the same process is repeated.

Remote Access Based Solution

If you don't want the hassles of uploading and downloading the files again and again, then you need our remote access based solution.

Here you don't need to upload any files. We would provide you a software to install on your system. Using this software we can logon to your system and transfer the files directly. After modification we will replace the files back in your system.

From our experience we have found this system to be hassle free and convenient mode of data transfer, but this is little difficult to configure initially.


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