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All Businesses have a lot of financial things to handle such as signing checks, receiving receipts from their customers, and making bank deposits and a lot more. In the process many financial transactions accumulate as unchecked and if not taken care of or recorded in the correct accounting way, the accounts surely will get out of balance.

At the same time, reconciliation of accounts data is a complex & lengthy procedure and needs experienced hands to manage this. FinTax Experts fully understands the importance of reconciliation to any business and that’s the reason why our clients across continents trust FinTax for end-to-end bank and credit card reconciliation services. Our outsourced reconciliations services make use of the most up-to-date financial software tools to give you an economical solution to solve any kind of variation between statements, which includes bank discrepancies and inconsistent amounts.

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Benefits Of Our Bank Reconciliation Services

Better Fraud Management

Detects frauds, identify theft and advice to prevent any financial theft within the company well in advance.

Control Over Credits

Have better control over your credits by receiving all the information related to deposits and unpaid checks.

Identify Reconciliation Irregularity

Reconciliation irregularity or error at your end pointed out means you know discrepancies in financial records timely.

Complete Financial Insights

Give you a complete insight into the business financial matters so that you are completely aware of your business health.

Identify Difference Between Records

Helps to identify the time difference between two records i.e. company’s financial record and bank’s financial record.

Accurate Financial Records

Give you confidence that your internal and account financial records are correct and updated to meet your tax needs.

Our Outsourced Services Include

Depending on your business size, structure and business goals, your establishment often requires different account reconciliation services.
To meet this need, FinTax Experts India provides its diverse range of global clients with different kinds of account reconciliation services:

Accounts Receivable

We manage your accounts receivable entries and also
take care about the invoicing so that you know who
needs to pay you when, so you don't lose out on money you're due.

Accounts Payable

We manage your accounts payable entries to ensure you're paying vendors and suppliers on time. We also ensure that your balance sheet stays on track and up-to-date.

Financial Reporting

We ensure that you have reports of transparent financial health of your business finances, income statements, balance sheets, cash flow and reconciliations always on time.

Credit Card Reconciliation

To keep your financials secure, your credit card statements are closely checked and verified by specialists to ensure that all transactions accurately match with your balance sheet,

Bank Reconciliation

We analyze your bank statement in order to ensure that
all your transactions match with your balance sheet, to avoid discrepancies, errors, or fraud or inconsistency in AR/AP.

Payroll Reconciliation

Ensure the salaries are provided on time with appropriate deductions while ensuring that the right payroll entries are made in your ledger and related returns are filed accurately.

Bank Reconciliation Services Working Models

At FinTax Experts India, we offer three types of bank reconciliation services to our clients to give them a clear picture of their accounts and save them from any risks attached to unreconciled accounts.


Full account reconciliation:

Our full account reconciliation service is designed to meet the needs of our clients for all reconciliation needed for business. By outsourcing full reconciliation services to us, you need to provide us with the complete data, we will check & match the provided data with the payment & deposit receipts. Any unmatched transaction from the statement will be reported for probing at your end if any source document is available. These balanced statements prove that your company is not prone to any fraud.


Partial account reconciliation:

Our partial account reconciliation service includes a paid-item report which contains the detail of all the cleared checks. The detailed reporting you receive consists of all the information on paid checks and account activity. For this, you do not have to provide a check record file. And you will also receive a transparent and clear report about account balance and activity statement at the end of every month.


Deposit reconciliation service:

We provide a detailed listing of deposits to our client if they want to have this kind of service. This service help companies depositing the amount into their single account from different locations. Out team track every deposit through expected deposit from respective location or through matching information like serial number/store number etc. from deposit slip.

How does it work?

Our back-reconciliation process is simple and hassle-free, aimed to help you reconcile various transactions. Once we are done with the process of reconciling your bank statement transactions, you can check different reconciled and unreconciled transactions with an aim to resolve complicated reconciliations exceptions.

Step 1: Tell Us What You Need

FinTax will begin by gaining an initial understanding of your immediate need, the scope of work and any additional requirements. With a close understanding of your current process, we can layout the proposed workflow. This usually happens by our specialists over a video conference or phone call.

Step 2: Project Plan & Training

FinTax will assign a dedicated project manager who has experience in the required scope of work. Our specialists will craft a process in detail by working directly with you to ensure all of your needs are addressed. We manage all training aspects of your remote workforce so you can focus on what you do best.

Step 3: Process Setup

If you already have the documents with you, we can use it to understand and learn from it. But, if you don’t have any, we’ll will set up a training session for you to share your process knowledge with us. We learn everything about your business transactions to create our process instructions and workflow.

Step 4: Transition Plan

This reduces your risk and eases the transition when adding us as a new partner. We start with a small percentage and take over the work gradually before moving to full transition of services. Using your feedback to working already transitioned, we adjust to improve efficiency for complete transitioning.

Why Choose FinTax Experts?

FinTax has more than a decade experience of providing reconciliation outsourcing services to clients in 20+ countries across continents. Our team consists 135+ financial consultants/accountants, analysts and project managers having experience of preparing Bank/Credit card/Paypal reconciliations, Accounts Receivable/Payable, Payroll Reconciliations, Financial Reporting/error finding etc.

Here are some good reasons to choose FinTax:

  • Services from ISO 9001:2015 certified and ISO 27001:2013 accredited company having robust process oriented way of working and ensuring absolute data confidentiality and security;
  • Competitive and affordable pricing for Reconciliation Outsourcing Services where we offer clients cost effective & affordable packages that suit their needs;
  • Complete compliance: our bank reconciliation and accounting services fully comply with the laws and regulations of country we are working for clients
  • By utilizing our 12+ years of expertise, we develop a project plan with quality assurance and communication with our partners to build lasting relationships based on success.
  • FinTax is committed to providing absolutely nothing less than 100% satisfaction to both its employees and clients and focuses to ensure quality service.

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While our finance and bookkeeping outsourcing services are insanely rewarding, we have been honored and gratified by the global platforms and brands. The awards and recognitions reflect our excellence, commitment to deliver quality and customer satisfaction.

Dun & Bradstreet

Our parent company Adreno Technologies India Private Limited rated as one of “India’s Top 100 IT/ITeS Companies.

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FinTax Experts India was covered in one of the stories published in the leading online newspaper of Europe.

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CIO Review Magazine

FinTax Experts India was rated as one of the “20 most promising Finance Technology Solution Providers 2016”

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Wall Street Journal

FinTax Experts was one of the two Indian companies, covered in a story on "Outsourcing Your Life"

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Brandon Gawthorp

I decided to move in slowly with Fintax and start them with small tasks like monthly account reconciliations. After being assigned a team I was amazed with the professionalism, accuracy and speed of their work. I immediately started adding tasks until I was out of that office and was able to get rid of the employee. My assigned team leader Vijay is very helpful in fulfilling my needs.

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