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With your business growth, the need to acquire more sophisticated and balanced approaches to make sound financial decisions also grows. The financial decisions made without proper research, analysis and future projections can lead to significant financial set-backs. This is why FinTax Experts India brings to you the custom Accounts Receivable Outsourcing services to arm you with business intelligence, necessary to make better decisions that reduce costs and increase bottom line growth. FinTax Experts India is an ISO 9001-2015 certified and ISO/IEC 27001-2013 Accredited Company, specializing in offering Accounts Receivable reports that address your key financial concerns.

With more than a decade working experience of over A Million Hours in the finance and accounting, we know how to offer the best Account Receivable services. When you partner with FinTax Experts India, we work as your reliable, professional and efficient Financial Analyst to help you make smarter decisions.

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How our Accounts Receivables Services help?

For every modern business, Accounts Receivable is a critical process to provide information about the Profitability, Liquidity and Stability. This is why FinTax Experts aims to provide you with the best and most effective Accounts Receivables services to help you make smarter decisions. But that’s not all that you enjoy with FinTax Experts, there’s a lot more.

Improved cash flow

We work together with clients’ teams to help eliminate inefficiencies from your accounts receivable system and chasing payments diligently to reduce DSOs, minimize late payments and reduce bad debts.

Consolidated documentation

Everything is digital here to eliminate any kind of inefficiency. We will craft a custom process to integrate receivables data from various sources such as printed documents, emails and other electronic data.

Accuracy and speed

We have been rated as one of the top companies for consistently delivering high rate of accuracy since 2007. FinTax Experts India can match and often surpass in-house results. We also leverage the time difference to deliver faster turnarounds.

Well-informed business decisions

Our Accounts Receivable services are aimed to help clients gain better visibility of all business aspects touched by accounts receivable function. The reports are sent in the formats you require to make it easier to understand for business operations.

Dependable outsourcing

FinTax consists of 135+ highly trained accounting specialists, including Chartered Accountants, most of our professionals have worked with clients across 10+ countries so you can rely on our skills and expertise.

IT infrastructure savings

Unlike hiring an in-house team of experts, outsourcing Accounts Receivable services allows businesses to save more on set-up cost and pay only for the services they are choosing, saving over 60% of overall cost.

How It Works?

At FinTax Experts India, we deliver value to our clients across the world by following a specialized five-step Accounts Receivable Outsourcing process. The process is designed with aim to allow our team to ascertain seamless transition and also quick completion of the project assigned to us within the agreed time and a pre-determined budget.



Invoice Receipt - Customer’s Electronic Invoices are received.



Image and Data Capture: All documents are stored as images and all invoice images are viewable.



Process & Route – Use advanced tools and software to process invoices as per agreed terms with the customer.



Book & Archive - The invoices are posted to relevant GL after deduction of appropriate taxes.



Report – Regular reports are shared with details of overall spent, cost centre wise spent or product wise spent etc.

Hiring Models – Suit Small to Large Business

Unlike the others in the market Most of companies providing Financial Analysis Services offer the most prevalent model for working whereas FinTax Experts try to evolve a model looking to your needs and peculiar circumstances. Most of the times these are tailor made and may be combination of one of two models or may be specifically tailor made for you only. Still to provide an idea, the below are different types of remote working models and final selection is what suits individual client's convenience.

1 Full-Charge Model

It suits businesses with more complex tasks. This service is designed to handle all your daily financial record-keeping, as well as providing regular updates of receivables plus preparation of periodical statements.

2 Fixed Package Cost

It works more as pay-you-like model, where you purchase pre-paid blocks-of-hours with a reasonable volume-based discount. You have freedom to decide hours to be purchased for the estimated tasks for each month / Quarter / year.

3 Pay-As-You-Go

Under model, precise utilization is metered and you invest money for just the capacity you make use of. We simply charge a fee each month for the hours you’ve put into use with a condition to avail minimum committed time each month.

Dedicated resource (FTE)

Choosing this option gives you a dedicated professional to work exclusively for you; who know you and how you work, your clients and their requirements. In fact, they are your full time extended team working exclusively for you.

Why Outsource Over In-house Accounts Receivable?

FinTax Experts India is an ISO 9001-2015 certified and ISO/IEC 27001-2013 Accredited company, serving clients in more than 10 countries worldwide. We have been ranked among the leading financial outsourcing companies in India to provide high-quality and cost-effective Accounts Receivable outsourcing services to help clients save more and improve cash flow management.

  • 12+ years of industry experience.
  • No obligation trial of five to ten hours available.
  • Transparency through well-defined working process.
  • Award-winning performance since establishment.
  • 100% Compliant with Regulations as applicable to our country.
  • All documentation stored in a single repository.
  • All delinquencies are significantly minimized.
  • Experience of working for over One Million Hours.

Clients Speak!

FinTax Experts India boasts on the words of mouth by happy clients

Brandon Gawthorp

I decided to move in slowly with Fintax and start them with small tasks like monthly account reconciliations. After being assigned a team I was amazed with the professionalism, accuracy and speed of their work. I immediately started adding tasks until I was out of that office and was able to get rid of the employee. My assigned team leader Vijay is very helpful in fulfilling my needs.

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