Bo Davis

Wasabi Modern Japanese Cuisine

“Running a growth restaurant concept is extremely data intensive, requiring many hours of accounting work tracking sales, AP, and payroll.  Outsourcing these tasks to FinTax Experts in India has allowed us to not only save 70% or more on our accounting costs, but to setup robust systems that will scale as we grow.”

(703) 388-0646

Brandon Gawthorp

Speedywings GP Inc.

It is with great pleasure that I find myself writing this letter of recommendation for Fintax Experts. 2 years ago I had an office that I used to operate 4 Wingstop Franchises out of. I had a full time expensive employee that assisted in the day to day accounting along with monthly rent for the office that was very costly. After reading about Fintax’s service in the Wall Street Journal I had a vison. What if I could get rid of this expensive employee and the expensive rent and work from home. What if I could use this affordable service to save thousands of dollars each year and I could be around more for my family. It sounded amazing if I could just pull it off. My first concern was working with a company out of India. I had dealt with Credit Card fraud in the past from foreign countries and was nervous about the information sharing. Although I was a bit skeptical at first I decided to move in slowly with Fintax and start them with small tasks like monthly account reconciliations. After being assigned a team I was amazed with the professionalism, accuracy and speed of their work. I immediately started adding tasks until I was out of that office and was able to get rid of the employee. My assigned team leader Vijay is very helpful in fulfilling my needs. Any kind of reports, local tax paying, and reporting to the franchise they have been very teachable and willing to take on the task. Since starting with Fintax I now have 7 restaurants and still office from home. I use Fintax for Monthly Bank Reconciliations, Sales Reporting, Quarterly Unemployment Reporting, 941 and 940 Deposits, Quarterly Profit Statements, Logging Daily Sales, Payroll, and Annual Personal and Business Taxes and anything else that I can outsource. Fintax has helped change my life and I wouldn’t do business any other way. I would be more than happy to answer questions about the benefits of Fintax for anyone contemplating on using their service. Feel free to email for questions.

(832) 726-9372

Rebecca Lawrence

Nhairy and Lawrence Corp.

We enjoyed working with Fintax Experts for our tax preparation and bookkeeping services for our small business and personal tax returns over the past five years. We found them to be very friendly, thorough professional and always cooperative.

(703) 282-9858

Whitney Ross

Claris Processing

The quality of your work has been exceptional.  Unfortunately, the assignment on which we are working is highly volatile and unpredictable but your people are doing a wonderful job in delivering tasks despite the fact that there are issues.  We anticipate being able to send you more work soon, and will hopefully continue to expand your responsibilities.  We will do our best to keep you busy.


Sunil Sehgal

Sunpay International

I used to work with a local book keeping company and had very hard time from the bookkeeper to understand the way he enter the entries in quick books. He used to enter all the bank entries as journal entries rather than book the entries in the right way. It was not helpful at all. Luckily,  I found Fintax company and have been working with them for the last 3 years. They have expert bookkeeper who understand my requirement and making the perfect quick books for me for the last 3 years.they prepare bookkeeping for me for the 3 corporations. I am very happy with their work and their prices are very reasonable that is another reason, I like this company. They provide the work in the reasonable time frame. Any question, contact me at 650-504-4859, Sunpay International Inc. 


Ajit Singh

Prihar Financial Services Inc.

"If you want to sit back & relax then Fintax Experts is the place for all your accounting needs. We are outsourcing all our accounting and bookkeeping tasks for the last 10 yrs. However for the last more than 6yrs since we started with Fintax Experts we can feel the difference. The major reason is their professional approach to deal with every task. Once a task is explained there has never been a chance that you have to do it again. In particular I would like to congratulate Fintax Experts for taking care of their customers in the best possible way. At the same time would like to thank Vijay the Project Manager provided to our company for his in-depth knowledge and experience in handling the needs of North American customers."


Steve Gibbs

Gibbs Company, LLC

Earlier this year I switched to Fin Tax Experts from a different Indian tax prep / bookkeeping service.

While I would not recommend the other company, I give Fin Tax Experts my recommendation. Please note, that I cannot comment on their tax prep services as I have yet to use this service -- they will prepare my 2009 returns for my 3 companies and personal return.

As for the services they have provided including bookkeeping, general accounting, corporate accounting and organization items pertaining to year end returns, Fin Tax Experts, Raman and Vijay receive high marks!

I am very happy with all they have done for me and my companies.

Further, I have found their communications timely, common sense lucid, and their attention to detail excellent.

Please feel free to contact me should you need further information.


Steve Brooks

The Wooden House

Fin Tax Experts allow me to have the busy office work that takes hours of my time each day, and have professionals do this for me at great prices and all over night while I sleep in the US. As an owner uperator, my time is very tight and valuable. Having the consistent work done by a group of people at Fin Tax has allowed me to move beyond the neccessary busy work and more into the places where I can add value- such as revenue growth or new marketing opportunities.

Fin Tax has done everything from basic tax preperation that I then use with my USA accountant to nightly QuickBooks entry for sales invoices. They also maintain an email database for all of my stores customers and can perform a variety of tasks (such as research) that assists me in getting done what needs to get done, when it needs to get done and for a price that I can afford.

I have been outsourcing for many years, but since working with FinTax starting in the winter of 2009 I have not had the need to outsource to any others and I have been able to reduce my costs by doing so.


David Catton

"I have been using Fintax for over one year now for various projects. They manage my quickbooks, help me with my accounting, prepare my tax returns and assist me with other individual projects. I have found them to be 100% reliable and completely efficient. I am happy with the services that they provide and would strongly recommend them to others.

(844) 205-8441

Patrick Clasean

EcoTech Marine

FinTax has enabled our staff to have our most time intensive tasks be performed each night while out of the office. The FinTax team has proven to be a skilled and responsive partner in implementing detailed procedures. This combination has created a more productive workforce that can focus on building our business without the costs of adding additional staff to your team.

Douglas Meldrum


"By the way, I like the quality of work where it was posted to the correct account and the fact that they were extremely diligent in put in the memo items off the checks and deposits. I also like the file transfer process that you FinTax Experts has."

763 568 8120

Roger Mendoza


Please accept this as a letter of reference for Fintax experts. As a small business owner, I know how important it is to have someone who can quickly and correctly handle your books. Fintax was able to adapt and understand our financial situation quickly and has been a critical part in identifying financial issues and resolving them. Being able to rely on a team of experts as opposed to a waiting on a single individual has been the biggest difference. I no longer have to wonder if my bookkeeper will be in today, be productive or in a good mood. I just scan, go home and the work is done when I show up in the morning. There is nothing like being able to hit the ground running as soon as you come in. Fintax has increased our company's efficiency and productivity while greatly reducing our costs.



Protect-a-Bub USA, LLC

We hired KPO when our business expanded more rapidly than employees could handle and their being overworked began to affect the quality of our customer service. KPO took over our accounting, allowing our staff to better serve our customers and continue to facilitate company growth. Our accounting records are up to date -- something we could not manage with the increased work load.

(212) 570-1670

Anil Khanna


I never thought that it would be so easy process to outsource the activities. Not only I found the processes to be so simple, it also costs so less as compared to what it was costing me in USA. I would always feel greatful to the services it is providing me.

(848) 219-5986

Ashita Yadav


Greetings congratulations your company is growing leaps and bounds.

Fintax Experts is a one of best company i had the pleasure to be associated.

They were very helpful and did a fantastic job on converting our India

accounts into US approved GAAP format.

There customer department is always available to help and guide..

Overall I will rate my experience ****



“I am pleased with the performance and general knowledge of the staff at FinTax Experts. Their team takes the professional approach that one expects in a finance partner while delivering a timely and accurate end product. The staff works tirelessly to accomplish projects on time and on budget. With-out their resources I would not be able to afford the level of accuracy, and detailed reporting that FinTax Experts can deliver.”


Stephen, Bibliophiles

Accuracy of the financial information I get from Fintax Experts gets my highest score. Not only is the information accurate, the turnaround is fast. Instead of my accounting service being the “slow” factor, now it’s me. If I get my information in, I receive my financial statements on the fifth day of the month. Now I make decisions that can really make a difference on the next month’s profits.

It’s unbelievable how I can get the information I need whenever or wherever I am. I don’t need to depend on a person, or a telephone … 24/7 access to my information via the internet has made life so much better for me.



I am very confident about the services of Fintax experts provides. I can’t imagine running a restaurant without outsourcing the bookkeeping. If I didn’t outsource, I would estimate one quarter of my time as an owner would be spent on bookkeeping function. I am not an accountant; I run restaurants. I enjoy being out in the restaurant and I definitely don’t enjoy being stuck in the office paying bills and taxes. By outsourcing, I get to see the end product of my hard work managing the restaurants…the bottom line profit!

Rick Lipson

Rainbow Leather Inc

I got to know Fintax from Wall Street Journal but was apprehensive as to how someone would manage my accounting & taxation from India. Could a team from such a distance do the job was always a question? It is now over seven years that I am using Fintax Experts n realise that handing over my accounting and taxation was one of the best decisions. I found team managing my tasks knowledgeable, professional, accurate, friendly and inexpensive as one of specific feature I liked most is THEIR PRICE!

I am very happy with FinTax and will keep using them for a very long time. Also, I will highly recommend them to anyone else who is keen to reap benefits of outsourcing.

(718) 939-8762


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