Tax preparation taking up your valuable time? Time to outsource it to FinTax Experts

Your company’s finances are essential but not differentiated from other administrative processes. In other words, someone has to pay full attention to your accounting books and help you build a solid financial infrastructure for the company. But, is focusing entirely on financing and accounting the best use of your time?

When you reach out for our tax preparation outsourcing services, you will have the assurance of knowing that your tax related finances are expertly managed, providing you enough time and freedom to concentrate on growing your business.

Fin Tax Experts is a well-known outsourcing company, recognized as the leader in tax returns outsourcing in India. Our extensive tax compliance services range from consultation on problematical issues to providing partial or complete outsourced tax preparation and accounting services.

Fin Tax Experts is an acclaimed outsourced center that specializes in outsourcing Certified Public Accountants who will assist you in reaping benefits to improve your company’s capital income.

Our Services

Our in-house team comprises of industry-specific tax professionals having vast experience in their region of focus, high-end technical expertise and a strong understanding of tax laws at the federal, local and international level. These factors prepare us to deliver a full range of tax preparation services like:-

  • Provision of federal and state income tax returns as per US tax laws
  • Consultation on complex tax preparation and reporting issues
  • Sales tax outsourcing for federal and state tax
  • Use of professional tax return software like Turbo Tax, Lacerate, Tax Cut, Tax Works etc.
  • Utilization of Secured server based solutions to ensure complete confidentiality

Work Procedure

Initiation of our work procedure takes place when our client provides us his requirements and entire tax related data of his enterprise. The tax return data is sent to us in one of the following method:-

  • Secured Server based Solution
  • Remote Access Based Solution

After getting the required information through our secured server, skilled tax professionals at Fin Tax Experts analyze the entire information and feed it to our tax software or the software which is specified by the client.

After complete data entry processing, the tax return is audited to verify that the entire information has been correctly entered and accounted for. The returns are then transmitted back to the client through a process chosen by him for reviewing our comments and observations. A client can always review, modify and finalize any information provided by us. Fin Tax Experts then updates all tax return files and send respective copies to the client for filing.

Our Priorities

Small and medium sized companies face huge burdens in today’s economy, often having to chose amongst funneling resources for creating goods and services or managing the complex accounting, financial and tax related planning which is necessary to run a successful business. Our priority at Fin Tax Experts is to take away the financial administration pain points arising from business ownership and allowing small to medium sized businesses to focus on what they do best- generating brilliant services and products.

Our Team

Our training procedures ensure that our team is always updated with latest technology and software to enhance on-the-job efficiency for tax related processes. Our well-organized team of tax experts can help you with each and every type of tax filling services. Our cost effective tax preparation outsourcing and sales tax outsourcing services provides CPAs a great new way of handling their tax compliance workload while meeting deadlines in a timely manner. is owned by Adreno Technologies (India) Pvt. Ltd

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