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As your business grows, so does your need to acquire more sophisticated and balanced approaches for making sound decisions related to your business. Decisions made without proper analysis or future projections can lead to unexpected and surprising financial set-backs and reduced profits. Our Financial Analysis Services arm you with the business intelligence, necessary to make better decisions that minimize costs and maximize bottom line growth. We provide financial analysis reports that address your key financial concerns and help you make smarter decisions. When you partner with FinTax Experts, we work as your reliable, professional and efficient Financial Analyst to provide financial analysis reports that address your key financial concerns and help you make smarter decisions.

Our team of over 135+ CAs and Accountants provides real-time accurate and cost-effective financial analysis services with experience of working over One Million Hours and with efficiency to manage your revenue, expenses, cash, profits, and everything else related to your financial system.

How our Financial Statement Services help?

Financial and accounting analysis can provide critical information about the profitability, liquidity and stability of your company. This is why we aim to provide you with the best to help you make smarter decisions. But that’s not all that you enjoy with FinTax Experts, there’s a lot more.

Maximize the ROI for your business

When you run a business, you’re required to make many critical decisions, such as whether to apply for a bank loan or whether to restructure or close a part of your business. We simplify the process by collecting and analyzing key data points for better decisions.

Budget Forecasting

It’s smart to know what’s coming up to you as cash and you experts who can help objectively measure success by projecting revenue, expenses, and the resulting profitability, repayment capacity, cash flow goals. This is what FinTax does for many companies across continents.

Labor Cost Management

You must know everything about the expenses being made through your business. Understanding the fully-burdened cost of each employee is no exception here. It helps know when you need to hire/fire people.

KPI Tracking

KPI Tracking is essential for every business as it’s the key point to identify what drives your company’s success. Our team can help implement processes and tools to track them to help you assess the parameters you have set for your company.

Our Financial Analysis Services Include

Having been in the financial industry for over a decade, we have worked with businesses across the world. This has gained us enough experience to understand the client's requirements with ease and provide the services that suit best their needs. We provide a host of services in financial analysis outsourcing. These include -

Financial analysis for Companies

Analyzing detailed financial statements helps understand company’s current financial situation, and give detailed insights into your profitability, liquidity, and overall stability. Our financial analysis services help alleviating your pain points while ensuring you can focus on productivity.

Financial analysis and research

Our financial analysis and research and business valuation services can be customized to the specific needs of your firm. Our financial research and analysis services include investment research, equity research, investment banking research, buy side equity research, fixed income research, etc.

Corporate financial statements

We’re a complete accounting solutions provider for modern businesses, looking for advanced financial analysis services and we can handle everything ranging from Balance sheet, Income statement, Cash flow statement, and more with advanced tools for hassle free corporate audits

Analysis of financial statements

We perform a detailed financial statement analysis by comparing ratios across multiple periods and statement types. We also ensure 100% compliance while offering review services. This helps measure profitability, identify trends, and overall efficiency of your company.

Analysis of portfolio structures

Allow us to analyze your investment strategies to identify the risks and show the potential for growth and raising efficiency while reducing costs. We put special emphasize on your mandate structure, investment guidelines, benchmarks and investment style.

Credit Analysis Services

We follow a tried and tested approach to evaluate the credit standing of your company, your partners or an individual, using the quantitative tools. This helps us derive useful information to assess the overall attributes of the risk return profile.

Ad-hoc reports & industry reports

These reports help with an interactive reporting experience to end users who can make modifications/additions to their reports on the fly. Also, the finished reports through on-screen filters, sliders, conditional formatting, etc. help understand these better.

Financial ratio analysis

In our financial statement analysis services, financial ratios are classified into the multiple broad categories, some of them include liquidity, solvency, efficiency, profitability, and valuation. The goal is to help detect a problematic, trend and facilitate comparisons

Steps Involved in Our Financial Analysis Process!

At FinTax Experts India, we have customized a work culture and process that is flexible given specific business needs. Our Financial Analysis Services involves having detailed understanding of accounting needs of the business and then executing the pilot project if our clients desire so.


Step-1- Data Collection.

In the first step, we select the relevant information which is required for the analysis and decision-making.


Step-02- Data Processing.

After the relevant information is collected, we process the information to derive and highlight significant relationships


Step-03 - Data Interpretation.

Once the data is processed, our team of financial experts will interpret the financial information and derive the necessary inferences to help you take your decision.


Most of companies providing Financial Analysis Services offer the most prevalent model for working whereas FinTax Experts try to evolve a model looking to your needs and peculiar circumstances. Most of the times these are tailor made and may be combination of one of two models or may be specifically tailor made for you only. Still to provide an idea, the below are different types of remote working models and final selection is what suits individual client's convenience.

1 Full-Charge Service

It suits businesses with more complex tasks and who needs services on run time basis. This service is designed to handle all your daily needs as well as your month-end final reports plus preparation of your financial statements.

2 Fixed Package Cost

It works more like Pay-as-you-Like model, with the exception that this enables you to purchase pre-paid blocks-of-hours with a reasonable volume-based discount. The hours purchased are linked estimated work likely to be completed each month / Quarter / year.

3 Pay-As-You-Go

Under this model, precise utilization is metered and you invest money for just the capacity you use. We bill you by the end of the month and charge a fee for the hours put into use. This model has associated condition to avail minimum committed hours each month.

Dedicated resource (FTE)

We assign a skilled resources as per your needs. There is a Client Manager to guide and control the assigned resource. You allocate the work & track the status of each outsourced job. Fixed fees are agreed in advance to manage tasks within your budgeted costs.

Why Outsource Over In-house Financial Analysis?

FinTax Experts India is an ISO 9001-2015 certified and ISO/IEC 27001-2013 Accredited company, ranked among the leading financial outsourcing companies in India with a team of 135+ CAs and accounting experts. We provide high-quality and cost-effective financial analysis services compliant with international standards.

  • Over a decade of industry experience
  • No obligation trial of five to ten hours available
  • Transparency through well-defined working process
  • Award-winning performance since establishment
  • 100% Compliant with Regulations as applicable to our country
  • Experience of working for over One Million Hours


At FinTax Experts India, we uphold our mission by working hard every day with an aim to bring value to our clients; which surely have been adequately recognized by way of honors and gratifications we have received from global publications. Few of recognitions reflect our excellence and commitment to client satisfaction & quality.

Dun & Bradstreet

Adreno Technologies India Private Limited is rated as one of “India’s Top 100 ITeS Emerging Companies by Dun & Bradstreet (NYSE:DNB), a FORTUNE Magazine’s Most Admired Companies Industry List Company.

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Spiegel Online

“SPIEGEL ONLINE” a leading online newspaper of Europe in its story “Butlers, designers and teachers talk about their work” published on August 5, 2012 included FinTax Experts among other companies.

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CIO Review Magazine

FinTax gets rated as one of the “20 most promising Finance Technology Solution Providers 2016” by CIO Review in their magazine edition of May 2016…the list of 20 includes many blue chip companies of India.

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Wall Street Journal

The “Wall Street Journal” in its story on "Outsourcing Your Life" in its June 2, 2007 edition covered two Indian companies. FinTax Experts feels pride in being one of the two such Indian companies.

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Rachel Blakeman, CEO and President Protect-a-Bub USA, LLC

Engaging FinTax Experts was the best business decision Protect-a-Bub made in 2006. Outsourcing our bookkeeping has allowed us to focus on expanding the company without investing the time and expense that comes with maintaining accurate books; we leave that task for FinTax Experts and they always exceed expectations.

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