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  Why Outsource Financial Services?

  Outsource is the latest buzzword worldwide. Find out how CPAs and small business enterprises can benefit from the outsourcing boom.  

  Business Associates

  We are looking for Business Associates in US, UK, Canada & Australia.  

  Advantages of Outsourcing

  See how we can reduce your operational costs of account and tax return preparations, improve efficiency.  

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  A list of frequently asked questions to help you take outsourcing decisions faster.  



I never thought that it would be so easy process to outsource the activities. Not only I found the processes to be so simple, it also costs so less as compared to what it was costing me in USA. I would always feel greatful to the services it is providing me.

Anil Khanna
SS Marine Industrial Associates, New Jeresy


Payroll outsourcing

Acute and timely payroll from experts in payroll outsourcing services

The outsourcing concept of transferring payroll activities outside the organization to where their experts along with their resources exist, flies in the paradigm of several small and medium sized businesses.

Companies are constantly looking to reach the zenith of value-added resources, irrespective of where they are, to meet suffice organization’s needs.

At Fin Tax Experts, we take pride in delivering industry’s most comprehensive assortment of outsource payroll processing in India while taking care of all your payroll management, enabling you to target more strategic facets of the company.

Companies are broadening their corporate extent every day. However, finding a reliable way to integrate HR systems with perfect payroll in each territory remains a common challenge for every enterprise. We at Fin tax Experts, having strong roots in every aspect of Payroll administration understand the complexities of modern day organization. We have developed the tools and skills to deliver supreme quality payroll services in countries like Australia, USA and UK.

Established as one of the most renowned offshore payroll outsourcing services companies in India, our payroll offerings deliver globally acquiescent outsourcing services to medium to small sized companies and Public Chartered Accountants across the world.

With such expertise in Payroll services, your company can take advantage of time saving outputs with our extensive range of services like:

  • Preparation and filing of new hire reporting to state
  • Preparation of employee earning statement including current pay period and yearly wages and taxes
  • Processing of client reports and distribution of paychecks
  • Preparation of department summaries on basis of month-to-date payroll data along with customized client reports
  • Timely completion of W-2 forms and well-timed response to employee payroll enquiries
  • Creation of Paycheck and Payroll sheet
  • Computation of both Federal and State dues with Check creation
  • Direct deposition of Taxes to both State and Federal agencies
  • Federal returns preparation in the following manner:-
    • Form 940-quaterly
    • Form 941-annualy

Core value and cultures

Driven by success-oriented results and unrivalled experience, Fin Tax Experts has grown to be one of the most reputed payroll outsource processing in India and our strength is built on a strong groundwork of dedication to quality and quest for excellence. Our service offerings are the touchstone of human resources and payroll industry of modern world.

We are proficient in bringing an impressive pool of talent at your desk, comprising of professionals specialized in various domains of payroll services. We deploy exceptional working brains to fulfill your needs with our personalized and customized services.

We work on your payroll operations through following processes:-

  • Constant payroll operations processing on Client’s Computer through secured Remote Access via software like GoToMyPC, VPN, LogMeIn etc.
  • Live work in India and provision of completed work through secured server.
  • When working through Third Party Applications, we will provide updated or completed task through secured online means.