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  Why Outsource Financial Services?

  Outsource is the latest buzzword worldwide. Find out how CPAs and small business enterprises can benefit from the outsourcing boom.  

  Business Associates

  We are looking for Business Associates in US, UK, Canada & Australia.  

  Advantages of Outsourcing

  See how we can reduce your operational costs of account and tax return preparations, improve efficiency.  

  Frequently Asked Questions

  A list of frequently asked questions to help you take outsourcing decisions faster.  



I never thought that it would be so easy process to outsource the activities. Not only I found the processes to be so simple, it also costs so less as compared to what it was costing me in USA. I would always feel greatful to the services it is providing me.

Anil Khanna
SS Marine Industrial Associates, New Jeresy


Back Office Outsourcing

We Are Fin Tax Experts, Your Ultimate Solution to Back Office Outsourcing

In the current abstemious climate, businessmen are cautious in making long term commitments to service providers and at the same time they are under pressure to minimize head count.

To deal with such problematic crisis, progressive entrepreneurs have realized the unstoppable power of outsourcing to handle processes of their business that are essential yet simply don’t make sense for them to deal with at personal level. As it is often said- the best companies outsource to win, not to shrink. They outsource in order to innovate and transform faster.

At Fin Tax Experts, we take pride in offering offshore back office outsourcing services for small and medium sized companies. Before you hand over the joystick of your company’s processes to our firm, we ensure that all your needs and requirements are kept in consideration throughout the entire outsourcing process.

What we do?

With the help of high-end technologies, proficiency and innovative system designs, our hard working managers are capable of turning your ordinary infrastructure into a competitive advantage. We make proper use of our accounting expertise, industry acquaintance and technology resources to constantly slot in the advances for your benefit. When you outsource back office services to us, we work hard to let you focus on attracting clients, engendering better income and running a better business than before.

Why outsource back office service to Fin Tax Experts

We are proud to offer an unrivalled assembly of complete offshore back office outsourcing services for small and medium sized companies along with certified public accountants who are looking to minimize their burden and concentrate on main business.

Here are few reasons as to why you must outsource your back office solutions to Fin Tax Experts-

Bespoke solutions for your corporate needs

A single cap does not fit everyone at one time - a safe outsourcing company recognizes that every business is different having different business needs. Our safe and sound outsourcing back office services and solutions are tailored to meet client’s needs, be it single process solutions to end to end solutions or optional electronic processing to self managed services.


Guided by experienced and skilled board of directors, our staff comprises of certified public accountants having done post-graduation from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT). We collectively deliver decades of experience through our professional accountants who are trained in working with globally accepted finance accounting software.

Use of highly developed technology

When you outsource to Fin Tax Experts, you can rely on a proven and tested technology platform that exists as financial and accounting backbone for numerous small to medium sized companies. Furthermore, our accountants are capable of making use of software provided by the client in order to maintain proper confidentiality and transparency in our work.

While outsourcing for small to medium sized businesses and CPAs, we rarely come under any type of criticism but to quote one of our client’s statement- “if you need to recuperate your faith in back office outsourcing, Fin Tax Experts is the ultimate option you need to consider wisely.″