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Accuracy of the financial information I get from Fintax Experts gets my highest score. Not only is the information accurate, the turnaround is fast. Instead of my accounting service being the “slow” factor, now it’s me. If I get my information in, I receive my financial statements on the fifth day of the month. Now I make decisions that can really make a difference on the next month’s profits. It’s unbelievable how I can get the information I need whenever or wherever I am. I don’t need to depend on a person, or a telephone … 24/7 access to my information via the internet has made life so much better for me.

Stephen, Bibliophiles


Why Outsource Finance Services?


Outsourcing is a process whereby an organization transfers the undertaking of a business process to an outside service provider. Strategic control remains with the main company while procedural control (i.e. the day-to-day function) is completed by the service provider.

Outsourcing isn't really a new idea, but the kind of outsourcing implementation many forward-thinking companies use today involves a new paradigm for business. It is made possible by the application of technology together with business acumen.

In today's marketplace, increased automation, virtual marketplaces and a growing scarcity of highly skilled employees have driven businesses to explore new processes to outsource. One of the most logical of these is the outsourcing of financial services of any organisation.

Benefits of Outsourcing Financial Services

We list below some of the important benefits which are likely to accrue to a CPA/CA or Small and Medium Business Enterprises outsourcing their bookkeeping, accounting and tax preparations to FinTax Experts in India.

Significant Cost Saving

Salaries of FinTax Experts skilled offshore accounting team in India are much lower than the US/Europe due to cost of living differences. So, you get skilled accountants and CPA/CA at almost entry level hourly fee. You also save on employment taxes and other overheads. Plan for future needs and get rid of the hassle of finding and retaining qualified book keepers.

Let technology work for you

Use the technology to transfer low end, non core and low margin write up jobs to FinTax Experts India. If you are a Small and Medium Enterprise or a Corporation you can concentrate on core activities and if you are a CPA/CA, you still retain the client and concentrate on ‘value added services’ – high end work. FinTax Experts has the process and technology which makes outsourcing your accounting needs simple. 128 bit encrypted secured server,scanners, web-enabled software and secured net work allow for quick and accurate data transfer. You can use the accounting software of your choice. FinTax Experts technological platform can increase your competitive advantage.

Let Technology work for you :

Improve Speed and Efficiency

The timing difference of about 6-12 hours between USA/Europe and India will improve efficiency. FinTax Experts India will work when you sleep. Data can be processed overnight, if necessary. You get scalable staff with no long term commitment...... so you scale your needs up or down when necessary.

Stay in control

Whether you are a Small and Medium enterprise, a Corporation or a CPA/CA, original records and files always remain with you in your office. We suggest and prefer working on your server with remote access. Alternatively your team scans and sends the documents via secured e-file share system to FinTax Experts or uploads the data on our 128 bit encrypted secured server. Data is backed up to multiple secure servers, ensuring that these provide a disaster recovery system. Further we also sign Non Disclosure Agreements with you and our employees that ensure the confidentiality of your data.

Partner with FinTax Experts India

Take advantage and gain from FinTax Experts’s model of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) for CPA/CA firms. This strategic partnership in the fast growing BPO industry makes sense for ensuring mutual benefits.

Why? Because the expertise, personal touch and the responsiveness that the FinTax Experts India offers and the infrastructure and investment, both human and technology,that is in place with FinTax Experts result into upto 60% of cost reduction.

Even for CPAs/CAs, it makes sense to outsource routine accounting and use the scarce and highly paid staff for other 'value add' jobs. This way the fees to client remain in control, giving substantial contribution to CPAs/CAs since the lower end job of accounting gets done at a much economical rate.