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Greetings congratulations your company is growing leaps and bounds. Fintax Experts is a one of best company i had the pleasure to be associated. They were very helpful and did a fantastic job on converting our India
accounts into US approved GAAP format. There customer department is always available to help and guide. Overall I will rate my experience ****

Ashita Yadav
Atlogix Software Solutions Pvt Ltd



Why Outsource to FinTax Experts India?

In the present scenario of outsourcing buzz, world over and especially in USA and Europe, frantic efforts are being made to identify and associate with some company in India to whom some of the activities can be outsourced for getting benefits of outsourcing. We understand that it is difficult task to associate with somebody unless adequate information and grounds are available to help take such decisions.

We are trying to make the said task easier for you by giving herebelow reply to few of the queries which normally arise in the mind of a person trying to find an overseas partener.The reading would make it easier for you to decide why should you chose FinTax Experts India as your overseas partener in India.
We have listed below the probable queries and the likely answers to such queries to make your job easier.

What does FinTax Experts India stand for?

Outsourcing, largely, has been a management tool available to only large companies.
It helped these companies save millions of dollars by outsourcing their non-core activities, such as Accounting & Finance, Taxation and Data Processing, Analysis and Iterpretation fields to specialized service providers.
FinTax Experts is catering to the needs of various low and medium size business enterprises to whom only very few companies cater and can boast of having list of satisfied clients who have benefited from its services.
FnTaxexperts provides a base and platform for outsourcing of the above back-office and non core functions relating to accounting and taxation field at a surprisingly low cost as compared to the cost in any country in Europe and USA to Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) or by getting these activities performed from bookkeepers and accountants by Certified Public Accountants (CPAs).

How much does FinTax Experts India cost?

The cost is dependent on many factors, such as the number of hours involved, the number of entries to be tackled, the quantum of non-accounting data, the functions to be staffed and the nature of the project to be completed.

FinTax Experts India always ensures that the scope and the timing of the assignment are clearly defined and a budget projected. FinTax Experts India always offers an hourly or a fixed price arrangement. This, In fact, shall help you to reduce your expenses by over 60% of what you must be spending now by availing services from elsewhere.

FinTax Experts India shall help you take advantage of the outsourcing business services process which has so far only helped big business houses.

How can FinTax Experts India complete financial statements at 40% of the cost?

The cost of FinTax Experts offshore available in India is significantly less than U.S. based accountants. High caliber accountants are available at lower costs in India and are able to perform the functions of the accountants of USA at equailant level of efficiency by working on the softwares used in USA .

Is there a minimum commitment required to use FinTax Experts India?

No, not at all. We provide affordable solutions to meet your needs. Our experience has taught us that every client has different requirments and there is no "one size which fits all" solution.

Therefore, We provide solutions with flexibility to use FinTax Experts as much or as little as they feel comfortable and justified. We have clients who use us several days a week and other clients who use us all year round or a couple of times a year.
However, our commitment to serve these different clients remains the same. We will always offer clients a fixed price, or hourly based arrangements and give them the flexibility to shift from one arrangement to another any time.

Does FinTax Experts India provide non-accounting services?

FinTax Experts India also provides "back office" services such as data processing, analysis and interpretation and other data related activities. It can consist of any finance related data processing and analysis service in standard MS office formats, stand alone software or web-based software.

Non-accounting Services :

If you are thinking about starting a business. Why do you need FinTax Experts India?

FinTax Experts India has proved helpful in no. of start-up ventures. There are many important ocassions when decisions are needed to be taken with the help of someone experienced with complex accounting, financing, business, and tax issues.

One crucial area is the preparation of financial projections to beconsidered in the business plan. These projections are generally used to formulate a financing strategy and a tax strategy to minimize taxes.

After funding, there are several other issues that need to be immediately addressed such as selecting affordable accounting software, implementing policies, establishing budgets, procedures and authorizations, establishing a month-end closing schedule to ensure timely, accurate financial statements etc.

You have just started a business. Why do you need FinTax Experts India?

Good! There are now several issues which need to be discussed and strategy defined for taking actions. Some examples are the type of accounting software to be purchased and implemented so that expenses can be minimised, as there are many low end packages now available which offer much of the same functionality as the expensive, industry specific packages.Similarly FinTax Experts helps the client about , the policies and procedures, accounting policies, establishing a month-end closing schedules, compensation strategies,accurate financial statements, establishing a filing system needed for any newly started business venture.

You already have a bookkeeper. Why do You need FinTax Experts India?

Most bookkeepers usually do not have the experience to address many of the complex issues that face small businesses today. Many of these issues remain unnoticed until they become a problem. These issues will inevitably "rear their ugly head" at the most inapproprite time,and if ignored or are not properly addressed shall lead to unbearable problems.

Bookkeepers record transactions, but often overlook full implication of the transactions for financial statement and tax purposes.Further, many business owners lack the background to properly guide, train and supervise a bookkeeper. Bookkeepers can take wrong decisions if there is nobody to answer complex financial questions.

We take pride on building trust and rapport with our client's staff and are always reachable. We encourage them to contact us with questions or issues and offer immidiate solutions.

You already have an accounting staff. Why do you need FinTax Experts India?
You are the one who needs the services of FinTax Experts India more urgently as FinTax Experts can help reduce your expenses substantially by ensuring always that quality of work does not deteriorate. By availing services of FinTax Experts India, you can comfortably reduce your expenses by more than 60% without compromising on the work performance.
Does FinTax Experts India replace my auditor?
Never. Your auditor is an independent accountant who delivers audited or reviewed financial statements and is crucial and important to the success of your business.

FinTax Experts India represents you and your business and is to be considered your inside accountant. FinTax Experts shall answer all the accounting queries of your auditor.

How does FinTax Experts India maintain the confidentiality of client data and financial statements?

Original client documents never leave your site.. The FinTax Experts team subscribes to a code of professional ethics that mirror those of the AICPA and sign non-disclosure agreements to protect your confidential information.

Security Policy :

Does a CPA have to tell his clients that their financial statements are being processed by FinTax Experts India?

FinTax Experts operates as an extension of your organization and the preparation of financial statements may be seamless to your clients. Your team is responsible for final reviews and approvals prior to delivery to your clients. In fact even IRS has also approved of outsourcing.

How does FinTax Experts India offshore team stay informed of current U.S. accounting practices?

FinTax Experts offshore team participates regularly in training programs conducted by Quick books, Peachtree and others. In addition, FinTax Experts trains their teams based on client needs and client specific software.

What accounting software do I have to use?

FinTax Experts India will use the software of your choice including Quick Books, Intacct, Peach Tree and others.