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  FinTax Experts India is Financial Process outsourcing company in India providing services to CPAs and small business enterprises in US & Europe.  



"At a time when efficiency and productivity are paramount, service and integrity are key in choosing an outsourcing vendor. For these reasons, we have chosen to remain with Fintax Experts as we have got what we needed."

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Outsource Data Processing, Analysis & Interpretation

Data Processing

FinTax Experts India under this category provides services relating to processing of the financial information of a business entity. This may include processing of information and financial data related to payable and receivable accounts, reconciliation of bank and credit card accounts and inventory management.

Data Processing :

Data Analysis & Interpretation

Companies and other businesses of all sizes have embraced data mining as a process for making the functioning systematic and for improving the bottom line.

We can analyse accounting books, financial statements & return filing data to mine information relevant for smooth functioning of your business. The deliverables of this activity would be bar charts, pie charts, histograms, and other visual representations of data so that this information can be used for taking managerial level financial decisions.

FinTax Experts’s knowhow of statistics, data mining statistical software, and base statistical software for data manipulation coupled with the experience makes us a good choice for your data mining and data analysis needs.