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I am very confident about the services of Fintax experts provides. I can’t imagine running a restaurant without outsourcing the bookkeeping. If I didn’t outsource, I would estimate one quarter of my time as an owner would be spent on bookkeeping function. I am not an accountant; I run restaurants. I enjoy being out in the restaurant and I definitely don’t enjoy being stuck in the office paying bills and taxes. By outsourcing, I get to see the end product of my hard work managing the restaurants…the bottom line profit!

Business Manager, Royal Retreat



Financial Services Outsourcing: Security Policy

Hosted Web Servers for Financial Services Outsourcing

The FinTax Experts web servers are housed and managed by our sister concern Webworld Experts at their hosting center in USA. The said company facility utilizes completely secured monitoring systems permitting FinTax Experts to achieve a high level of security for secure financial services outsourcing to India. The secured servers and firewall are monitored at 24/7 basis. Through weekly patch management, Webworld Experts constantly updating the security software to protect against unauthorized access to our network systems.

The FinTax Experts password protected logins restrict access to registered users. User passwords are invariably encrypted in the SQL database and a log is maintained of all users that access the system. The FinTax Experts Tax Center uses 128-bit Secure Socket Layer encryption for all data transfers. You can imagine the seriousness given to the security of financial services outsourcing from the fact that the same encryption technology is used by banks for securing online banking transactions.

Non-disclosure / Confidentiality Agreements

All FinTax Experts employees in India are to sign non-disclosure/confidentiality agreements. Each employee is bound by the agreement and not allowed to share information from engagements with anybody nor are they allowed to share the information with the co employees unless there is a question related to the preparation of the engagement. Preparers and reviewers are allowed to share information only through their direct supervisors.

Secure Service Centers for Financial Services Outsourcing

FinTax Experts has in place a comprehensive service center security policy that is implemented to ensure secure financial services outsourcing. The security measures adopted include:

  • Restricted physical access to the processing and server environments.
  • Ensure a paperless system so data can not be removed from the facility.
  • Virtually restrict internet access on the computers used in operation and data retrieval and transmission is done under the supervision of the project manager. Further, medialess computers ensure files can not be copied and Outlook has been removed from all PC’s.

Physical Security

  • A security guard is available at the entrance.
  • Access card required before entering the server room. Access is restricted to only dedicated employees who are allocated the outsourced activities.
  • Returns are prepared in a paperless environment and no source documents, accounting data or tax returns are printed.
  • The printer is limited to printing only the management reports.

Personal Belongings

  • Briefcases, bags and other personal belongings of the employees are not allowed in the service center.
  • There are no removable media devices and the PC’s do not have floppy drives or CD R/W drives