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Outsource Bookkeeping and Tax Preparation

FinTax Experts India is a Financial Process Outsourcing company offering Outsourced Bookkeeping Services, Outsourced Tax Preparation Services and other Financial Services to its client in US, UK, Canada and Australia.

Outsource Bookkeeping & Accounting Services to India

If you need to outsource bookkeeping & accounting to India, we at FinTax Experts, provide you services of our CPAs and skilled accountants having both knowledge and skill to prepare and complete accounts as per GAAP standards and in the software of your choice.

Tax Preparation Outsourcing to India

Tax planning, preparation and filing of tax returns require the services of skilled professionals round the year. The need is also to understand complex system of tax filing, form preparation and other obligations of IRS and planning for tax avoidance and penalty of IRS.
Business Associate
(We are looking for Business Associates in US, Europe, Canada & Australia. Read More.)

Outsource Payroll Processing Services to India

Do you face problems just because of accurate payment to your employees, proper recording of their timing and appropriate payment as well with withholding and issuance of W-2 form?

Outsource Data Processing, Analysis and Interpretation

We offers top quality, cost-effective data processing, analysis and interpretation services suited to high volume financial data applications.

  An ISO 9001:2000 Company


  Wall Street Journal

  The Wall Street Journal in its story on "Outsourcing Your Life" in its June 2, 2007 edition covered two Indian companies. FinTax Experts feels pride in being one of the two such Indian companies.  



  Request a Call

  Our team of experts are always happy to tell you more about our great service. So if you have any queries, Please Click. We promise to respond to every query within 48 hours.  

  Client List

  FinTax Experts has impressive list of clients in various parts of world besides having offshore office in Ohio and business associates in USA, Germany and Ireland